The most inspirational Football ads

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa contributed to great creativity from FIFA sponsors and NON sponsors.  Some insipirational advertising campaigns caught my attention. I have taken the ones I believe to be the most compelling and cool, and would love to hear your comments and inputs.

Write the future: Nike

Nike who is not a World Cup sponsor appointed the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy to create a football viral. It was a big success from week 1 with more than 7 million views.

Fast vs Fast: adidas

adidas is a FIFA partner and launched the Fast vs Fast ad starring Messi and Villa. Strong promotion of the F50 adizero, the featherweight football shoe.

History of Celebration: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is celebrating football through football celebration. That makes sense right? Interesting angle from a FIFA partner to portray joy, happiness, and fun which are also Coca-Cola core values. Coke is emphasising on the crowd element rather than on individuals although starring Roger Milla.

Oh Africa: Pepsi

Pepsi as opposed to Coca-Cola is playing the football card by its players portfolio: Lampard, Messi, Drogba and Henry. Very interesting ad, putting forward some African “clichés” which are not unveiled in a bad light. Pepsi is not a FIFA sponsor or partner

Journey of Football: Puma

With this ad, Puma is showcasing  a celebration of true football for Africa. A united continent that speaks football not only through well known Eto’o but by portraying the African people and its love for football. Puma is not a FIFA partner.

Team Talk: Carlsberg

Carlsberg, not a FIFA sponsor,  is putting a lot’s of efforts to associate to football. The partnership with the English FA is a solid illustration. The Team Talk ad embodies one of the essence of football: The locker room and the coach team talk.

Penalty Kick: Budweiser

The answer from a FIFA sponsor, Budweiser, to a non FIFA sponsor, Carlsberg illustrates the fierce battle. Budweiser came up with TWO entertaining stories. The penalty kick and the Swap. Both are strong football match elements and Budweiser translated them in a fun and cool fashion.

The Swap: Budweiser

Football Evolution: Visa

Visa is a FIFA Partner. The Football Evolution ad translates in an interesting way the evolution of football….with your VISA card. This indispensable element in your (football) life.

There are many more fantastic World Cup ads, but I chose the most compelling ones. Which one is your favourite and why? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Karl Lusbec


11 thoughts on “The most inspirational Football ads

  1. Lovely ads indeed. Check out Quilmes ads in support of Argentina. Quilmes is the leadidng argentine beer. For so many years now, they have come up with lovely, and enduring, World Cup publicity campaigns. These ads are timeless.


  2. Hello Marcella, thanks for your comment,
    Quilmes’ ads are really entertaining indeed! I recall one of them being a tribute to Maradona. Very compelling. Although Quilmes is a Pepsi subsidiary, and therefore not a FIFA partner, their approach to the World Cup is inline with Pepsi’s. Tapping into the World Cup through players and individuals and emphasise on a very emotional and fun message.


  3. I like the Coca – Cola’s history of the celebration out of this list. That song was so catchy and inspirational. That song sounds more like a sports tournament song than the Waka-Waka.

    The Nike Write the Future looks like a collage of players – closeups, running so many things going on in less than minute. Would have preferred a storyline, a message and less star-footballers at a time.

    Karl Lusbec- which ad did you like from this list?


  4. Coca-Cola found a very compelling way to engage fans. Its ad received a lot of positive critics worldwide. I personally like all the ads and found them very different from one another. I found the Nike ad with a good rythm as it was telling the story of how your life can be influenced from one bad call or decision. Not an easy exercise to translate it in a 2mn commercial and being fun and cool 🙂


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