World Cup semi finals; Federations Sponsors

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The World Cup semi finals start today with an unexpected Uruguay vs a great form Holland. Many (including myself) were hoping Brazil would make it this far, but football is so unpredictable isn’t it? Germany will play Spain tomorrow with high expectations from both sides. So far, the 3 major players are still in the last four, so let’s have a closer look.

As Germany will oppose Spain in Durban tomorrow for the World Cup semi final, it is certain that at least one adidas team will be in the final. The 3 stripes started off with 12 teams, and keeps the momentum going as there has always been an adidas team in the World Cup final since 1998.

The other semi final shall decide whether Nike or Puma will make it on July 11. Both brands had respectively 9 and 7 teams at kick off on June 11. Having Holland in the final would be a blessing for Nike, who keeps on associating its brand to the World Cup. Puma played the African card with 4 African teams (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Cameroon), but it is the less expected team of its portfolio who may represent Jochen Zeitz brand on July 11.

We are getting very very close. The choice is clear. Either a “traditional” adidas vs Nike final or a “fratricide” adidas vs Puma on July 11.
One additional element to consider. adidas is leveraging its official match ball supplier right by introducing the World Cup final ball on July 11: The Jo’bulani. So, no matter what, the 3-stripes are already in the final.

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