2010 FIFA World Cup final; Federations Sponsors

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So here we are. Spain vs The Netherlands for the 2010 FIFA World Cup final on Sunday and Germany vs Uruguay for the 3rd & 4th place. I mentioned before the semi finals started that we could have had a “traditional” adidas vs Nike in the final. Don’t call me Paul the octopus, it was not too hard to guess.

Since 1998, the World Cup finals have been trusted by the 3 sportswear giants adidas, Nike and Puma. Both justify their investment in football.

The 3 stripes by being a FIFA Partner and official match ball supplier, sponsoring 12 teams, key players and a launching the adidas UMU marketing campaign. Nike did increase its football exposure by sponsoring 9 Federations, superstar players, taking ownership of sustainability in football, and launching a compelling advertising campaign. Puma played the “African card” by sponsoring 4 Federations (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Cameroon), launching the Love=football marketing campaign, and still strongly communicating on Italy the World Cup defending champion.

So the “consistency” in football still prevails. As mentioned previously, since 1998 adidas, Nike and Puma dominated the FIFA World Cup finals.

1998: France (adidas) – Brazil (Nike)
2002: Germany (adidas) – Brazil (Nike)
2006: Italy (Puma) – France (adidas)
2010: The Netherlands (Nike) – Spain (adidas)

2010 FIFA World Cup Final
2010 FIFA World Cup 3rd and 4th place

This is it and there is not much of a surprise that adidas, Nike and Puma have made it to the final stage. Now as they shared 28 Federations out of 32, it is a logic consequence to see them on July 10 & 11. This is exactly the point of their investment: be present during the biggest football event.

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