The World Cup final matchball sold to auction

Hello all,
The 2010 FIFA World Cup is over and crowned the team that played the best football. We are experiencing a wrap up time where numbers have started to be released, giving the South African World Cup the title of best World Cup ever. We have experienced fantastic ads, inspirational marketing activations and great PR stunts, but also strong involvement in caring for the environment and powerful CSR. The Jo’bulani is another PR stunt dedicated to a great cause: The Nelson Mandela Charity Foundation 46664.

adidas the World Cup match ball supplier since 1970 has delivered the Jabulani for all games except for the World Cup final. For this special event, the 3-stripes gave the worldwide most viewed sport event a golden Jabulani, the Jo’bulani.

The Jo’bulani was sold last sunday at auction for $73,769. The ball was won by a group of Spanish fans during the auction on eBay. The money raised at auction will be donated to Nelson Mandela Foundation Charity 46664.
The auction attracted 133 bids from people in 55 countries. For comparison with some other World Cup match balls sold after tournaments, the Roteiro struck several times by David Beckham during the Euro 2004 quarterfinals sold for $42,949. [Source: The New York Times].

The cause is right, the funds significants. Perfect example of killing two birds with one stone. Link a brand to a great cause with the help of a meaningful icon.

Karl Lusbec