Paris St Germain a brand new image?

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In France, Paris St Germain is known for different aspects of its young life. It could be for fantastic players such as Georges Whea, Rai, Lama or more recently Ronaldinho. But the core headlines of the french capitale football club are mainly in the negative section. PSG is known for some radical elements among its fans. This minority of pseudo supporters is responsible for terrible events that happened last year with the death of a one of them.  PSG President Robin Le Proux and his staff took a stand and have been working on a new image plan to fight against this plague.

1. Random seats and no more seasonal membership
In order to end the regroup of Boulogne and Auteuil members, fans will be given random seats in the stadium. No more membership for these 2 areas of the Parc des Princes.

2. One seat – One name
On the lower part of the Boulogne and Auteuil wings, one seat will be allocated to one fan name. Therefore the supporter must give his identification to access this area.

3. Become family friendly
Two specific areas of the Parc des Princes will be allocated to families. Seats will cost 6€ for kids and free of charge for women.

4. Fans attending away games will be heavily monitored
Security staff will be among PSG fans attending away games. They will mingle with supporters in buses and trains all the way to the stadium where they will be sitting with them.

The complete programme is here in french.

PSG is 40 years old this year, and launched two additional tools to change their image; Their official mascott called Germain and the PSG anthem.

Germain is a cute Lynx who will be with players during warm ups and in charge of entertaining kids before the game. “Go West” has been re-written with PSG enthousiastic lyrics and will be played while players enter the pitch.

Paris St Germain decided to drastically change its image internally and externally. The PSG executives took severe measures to get rid of its violent supporters that are mainly responsible for the messy image of the club.

Now, I must say that these problems exist within the club for more than 20 years, and for once, a PSG President has the courage to step up and face issues his predecessors left for the next guy to take care of.
Also, it is not acceptable that in France, NO gouvernment  took significant measures to make sure sure hooligans are not accessing football stadiums.  Basically, for  20 years, french gouvernments let football clubs take care of social issues, and it is not going to change with Sarkozy in power…

The Ligue 1 just started with PSG endorsing a brand new image externally. Now sporting results need to follow, not only to make people happy, but to regain the fame and class the club had in the 90’s.

Karl Lusbec




5 thoughts on “Paris St Germain a brand new image?

  1. Karl
    some fans need to chill and see the bigger picture. Surprisingly, some fans in the UK like to hear about sportsmanship. It taps deep into their emotions, builds self esteem and delivers an overall positive feeling. I’m not saying it solves everything or stops hooliganism but it does awaken something previously dormant in football fans. Maybe start with the kids – get sportsmanship on the agenda of coaching and in schools classes (we are working on this in Ireland). See for more.

    Also not sure if this is of use – but re young people, popular culture & coaching here’s an Aussie with a clever idea to combine football and music Since music ‘helps you feel no pain’ (Marley) and music is abundant in certain areas of towns – maybe this helps to get kids off the street, using rap music, building self esteem etc….. and thereby reducing future problems….? Just a thought.



  2. Hello Paul,
    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to My Football Lounge.

    I fully agree with you. Sports need to be taught to kids with a strong emphasis on strong sportmanship values. Also, and to your point, the society (scholarship system, libraries, etc) are crucial to pass on these values to people.

    I am aware of Zova, and Niall and his team are doing a great job to combine football and music and promote football values.
    There are many areas to explore in order to make football a better sport and simply a better place to be…

    Stay tuned!


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