English Premier League: 10 years and 10.000 goals with Nike

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Back in August 19th, 2000 Nike took over the English Premier League sponsonship from Mitre. I recall many football professionals wondering what an American brand knew in european football, and they would not last very long. Well, 10 years later, Nike still stands, sponsoring the EPL with the official match ball, partnering Arsenal and Man Utd. September 25th is another milestone with Piquionne scoring the 10.000th EPL goal.

A great man once said: “If you know your history, then you would know where you’re coming from…” By celebrating a 10 year partnership with the Premier League, Nike is focusing on the great history they had (are having) with the Barclays Premier League.

Frederique Piquionne’s goal against Tottenham was the English Premier League 10.000th goal in 10 years. To celebrate the event, Nike released a commemorative golden Tracer ball (retail: 100£) and offered one to Piquionne. It’s worth mentioning that Piquionne scored with the adidas F-50 adizero. Well, it’s one of those things no one can control, the Beaverton firm must have thought.

The Nike Total Tracer is the official matchball of the Premier League, Liga and Serie A. Partnering 3 major european league and being their official matchball supplier is providing a great brand exposure and to a certain extend, marketing ownership.

I am personnally a big fan of brands showing their history to the world. Brands make more and more sure  that they communicate on their values but also on their heritage. They are part of the sport landscape not only to make business but also to point out a strong and relevant history. Having the opportunity to celebrate this heritage is not in all brands backyard to do!

Karl Lusbec

Courtesy Soccer Bible.com


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