Racists chants in stadia: Time to wake up?

Hi all,
Yesterday in Serie A, another example of stupidity in football. Samuel Eto’o, the Inter Milan striker (and other black Inter players) suffered racist abuse from Cagliari fans. It is obviously (and supposedly) against FIFA / UEFA laws and principles, but it seems that clubs keep on getting away with it.

The match started in the worst of ways as after 3 minutes of play, the referee, M. Tagliavento was forced to stop the match due to repeated racist chants each time Eto’o, Biabiany or Maicon touched the ball.

The referee had an announcement made over the loudspeaker, threatening to suspend the match, while the TV cameras zoomed in on a perplexed Samuel Eto’o. The match started back up and improved from that point on, especially for the Cameroon player. He scored an amazing goal and made those racist bigots shut the f*ck up.

Great initiative from the referee who had the balls to take action and address the issue to the Cagliari staff. Eto’o responded by scoring the unique goal of the game and everybody’s happy……..well I am not.

Until when racist fans will be granted access to football stadiums?
When are clu bs financially and sportively fined for authorising racism display in their football arenas?

I am appalled to see the little actions and measures taken against this plague. Do we need to witness a tragedy before the football governies bodies do take serious actions? Reacting as opposed to acting?…….again?

PSG has taken drastic actions to eradicate their extreme right fans, and so far, no other clubs (especially in Italy or Spain) took that path. Last week Euro 2012 qualifier game Italy vs Serbia displayed another example of what can be the ugliest face of football. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen to Serbia. I am expecting a full ban from the Euro qualifications, not a $ 5000 fine and 1 or 2 games played with no fans attending.

It’s time to wake up. Governements, football governing bodies should work hand in hand and take meaningful measures, laws to bring offenders to justice. Racism has become awfully “accepted” by many in europe and has even become legitimate.  Only looking at Sarkozy’s policy in France gives you a taste of “how to discriminate and get away with it”.

Time has come to send a clear message, and again, posters, flyers, internet websites are not enough……

Karl Lusbec


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