Paul the Octopus is dead: What’s next?

Hi all,
Today, Paul the octopus died. He overshadowed the World Cup 2010 stars by the accuracy of his predicting the match winner. A lot has been said about his surnatural powers – even calling him the oracle – and there was a huge buzz about him. Deserved celebrity or have we gone mad?

Honestly, I found this whole PR/Com/marketing buzz went out of proportions and perspective, but hey, if the games were more appealling, the world would not have focused that much on a poulp pseudo predicting skills. With Rooney not scoring, Messi out of shape, Cristiano Ronaldo delivering his best performance against North Korea, we had Paul as “chief entertainer”!

There was so much more to cover during the World Cup than reporting every day Paul’s predictions. Sensitive topics should have benefited from a greater media exposure, such as World Cup sponsors CSR activities onsite, the safe World Cup South Africa delivered, the African Continent united for Ghana,  etc…. No, instead the world got stuck on an octopus!

So what’s next for Paul? Head of State official funerals? Paul served as a 3000€ menu reserved to the football creme-de-la-creme?, stuff him and sell him to auction at Christie’s? Make him the honorary sea ambassador for Spain? Even better; how about his wax figure at Madame Tussauds? The options are as endless as ridiculous.

Paul, Rest in peace, but quite frankly, football deserves better.

Karl Lusbec