Only The Fastest, the New Nike Football Viral

On October 21st, I reported the potential new Nike Mercurial Cristiano Ronaldo will be wearing. Nike launched two days ago (October 26), a 35 second teaser viral aimed at raising awareness, suspense about Cristiano Ronaldo’s new football boots.

The teaser is very simple and suspensful. It portrays Ronaldo’s shoes (that we obviously don’t see) leaving the Nike HQ in Portland and flying to its new destination. I would bet somewhere in Spain, but you never know what happens, especially considering CR7 performance against Murcia…

In 3 days, the viral on Youtube generated almost 200.000 views. Fans have no clue what comes next,  but the official launch is scheduled for today, October 28th. Nike drove people and fans to its  “Only the Fastest Facebook page in order to attend the launch, promised to be exciting. So far more than 4000 people are planning to watch the launch live.

After adidas using the Facebook platform to launch their social networking football game “Danger makes legend”, Nike is also tapping into Facebook to drive buzz around a product, create hype and suspense for a new product.

The viral is pretty cool, and I am looking forward to what’s coming next! And you?

Karl Lusbec