Real Madrid launched Fantasy Manager 2011 on Facebook

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Real Madrid has become the first football club in the world to launch an authentic social game for all its followers. Real Madrid Fantasy Manager 2011, available on Facebook and IPhone, enables all football fans the possibility to step into the shoes of the manager of one of the best football club in the world.

Game users will be able to interact with the rest of participants, compare their results with those of their friends’ and prove that they are the ideal candidate to manage Real Madrid CF. And for that, they will need to create a virtual team of players, train them and prepare them both physically and mentally for each week’s match.

They will also be able to experiment with the club’s management including signing up players, dealing with the facilities, ticket sales and much more. Participants will move ahead in the game by purchasing and using a variety of virtual assets and products that will enable them to improve the team’s performance as well as the management of the club designed by them. Winners will opt to fabulous prizes including the possibility to meet the players in person.

By using the Facebook and IPhone platforms, the game will benefit from the advantages of social distribution, immediacy and convenience. This game is designed to enable users to play on both platforms from a single account. Therefore, users may be able to start playing on their mobiles and continue on their desktop computers when they arrive home.

Real Madrid will take advantage of its international fan base on Facebook which currently amounts to 4.5 million users, and its users base on their IPhone application MyMadrid, with over 150,000 downloads sold after only one year in the market, and a customer base which is constantly purchasing contents.

Real Madrid Manager 2010 has been developed by From The Bench, a Spanish firm with vast experience in the interactive and social sports games field.

With this project Real Madrid gives a new step forward in its successful digital business strategy focused in the union of media, the development of relevant products and services for its fans and the creation of value for the club.

Pedro Duarte, (Mobile Business Manager) and Oscar Ugaz, (Online Marketing & Digital Business Manager) from Real Madrid said: “Facebook is one of the fastest growing social platforms of international renown. We have been working with them for over three years now in what has proved to be a very fruitful association. The club has been experimenting with several communication, marketing and business strategies and we feel that the time has come to fully immerse ourselves into the social gaming field. On the other hand, our experience with MyMadrid and the distribution and sale of mobile content worldwide have enabled us to create a sustainable and proven business model that will be available also for this new project”.

After football manufacturers using facebook to launch their products and social media campaigns, football clubs have not missed the wagon, and Real is setting itself for success in this area!

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4 thoughts on “Real Madrid launched Fantasy Manager 2011 on Facebook

  1. Good post Karl – will be fascinated to see how this develops for Real. Single account access will certainly facilitate frequency of usage you’d think, given how addictive the game is.


  2. Hello Jeff,
    Real is very active on social media platforms and use them to a great extend to communicate and engade with fans. I will keep an eye open on the development and what fans think about it. No doubt it will be a very addictive game!


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