Jersey Sponsorship: The Premier League in Pole Position

Hi all,
Those familiar with the Football Lounge will know by now that I enjoy market researches. SPORT+MARKT released recently a very interesting one on football jersey sponsorship across top european leagues. The jersey sponsorship market has never been so lucrative and SPORT+MARKT outlines the key point.

Sponsors invested in jersey sponsorship 18% more than last year (€75.2 m). In a 470 million Euro market, the Barclays Premier League is in the leading seat in Europe with €128 m. Gareth Moore (Director UK SPORT+MARKT) points out: “The Premier League is the standard-bearer for jersey sponsorship in Europe and represents the major platform for international companies wishing to invest in football. 15 clubs have improved their revenue from improved jersey sponsorship deals, and 3 of the 5 clubs with the most lucrative deals in Europe come from the Premier League.”


Manchester United and Liverpool FC partnered this year with respectively AON and Standard Chartered. Each deal was signed for circa €23 million. Revenues in markets such as France and Germany have also generated an increase. Many factors for this, but the most important ones are the agressive approach of betting companies resulting from the liberalisation of online gambling in France. The German Bundesliga benefits from an increased revenue from the banking and insurance sector.



The Italian, Spanish markets are seeing a decrease in sponsorship revenue. Although AC Milan signed a major deal with Emirates, the jersey sponsor revenue in the Italian league decreases. As SPORT+MARKT points out, major clubs such as Lazio and Fiorentina do not have a jersey sponsor.

In Spain, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are obviously a magnet to sponsors, but other clubs fail to attract lucrative sponsors.


Another great football insight from SPORT+MARKT, which gives us, football marketers a good snapshot on the jersey sponsorship market today. What will happen next year? Will this trend continue for the EPL? Will the German Bundesliga keeps that momentum going and establish itself as the biggest challenger to the Premier League?

Time will tell. You can download the SPORT+MARKT survey here.

Karl Lusbec