“M” for United Fashion World

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Who said football is a conservative sport with fans dressing up with ripped non fashionable clothes? Well whoever said that had it all wrong. Manchester United is introducing fashion in football by launching its fashionable clothing range: The M Collection.

What is M?: It’s apparel you can’t buy anywhere else other than at Old Trafford: For the true fan. Simple, exclusive, targeting an audience that will undoubtedly go to the Old Trafford Megastore. The collection features limited edition pieces and gives the traditional Man Utd official range a fashionable touch.

Jayne Davies from Manchester United Megastore said; “We wanted to design clothes that fans would be happy to wear on non match days that are more stylish and less sporty than a team kit. The devil emblem is a nod to the United brand, is unique and something that we hope fans will identify with and be proud to wear.

By having limited runs of each product we’ll ensure there’s a buzz about each piece and a must-have feel. M collection is only available at the Megastore at Old Trafford so fans should be aware that no other outlets will have these clothes. We want to reward visitors to Old Trafford with the option of buying a piece that few others can own.”

The Megastore is open 7 days a week on non-match days as well as match days. It’s a very interesting initiative to tap into the fashionable segment. However, I am not sure whether the football fan wishes to wear fashionable clothes to watch a football game, but I might be wrong.

The prices seem to be fair, as they are not on the logic fashion = expensive. Now it will be interesting to notice if the fans respond to a  new collection on top of the ones being offered, and in addition to the unofficial merchandise MUST recently launched.

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