A Star for the Spanish Kit. Finally!

adidas launched a new home kit for spain in a very cool viral featuring David Villa, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Llorente. The kit is a hommage to the world champions and will be worn for the first time in a friendly game against Portugal on November 17 in Lisbon.

Besides the new design, a couple of additions to the shirts. First of all, the star on top of the FEF crest representing the  World Cup victory in South Africa, and the FIFA World Cup Winner badge on the right chest. The first element is a fantastic addition and subtle touch. However, why another badge outlining (again) that Spain is World Champion?

adidas designed the sleeves specifically to fit the competitions badges (Euro and World Cup). Indeed, the stripes do not go all the way down in order to leave space for FIFA/UEFA competition badges. The same  idea applied to adidas Champions League and Domestic League kits. So why did the FIFA badge have to be placed on the right chest?

I do understand very well that the FIFA kit regulations are very specific and strict, but with the Federations crest on the left chest, the FIFA badge on the right and the shirt number in the middle……isn’t that too much? Again, the star already means that the team is World Champion, so why another badge?


This shirt is very well designed with electric blue inserts and a yellow piping around the neck outlining the spanish flag. A stiching “FIFA World Champions” is displayed in the inner collar. The ad is also cool and the message is bold. My spanish is rusty, but “Nace de Dentro” means born from within right? A compelling way to link players to their national team, which was not really the case in the past.

As usual, your thoughts are welcome!

Karl Lusbec


[Image source: Footballshirt.com]