Mesut Özil Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Fans with Special Boot

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Football brands are often showing inspirational ways to engage with fans and promoting their products at the same time. Facebook is the perfect platform to “kill two birds with one stone”.

Recently, Mesut Özil’s facebook page reached 1 million fans, and Nike launched a special football shoe to thank fans for following the German international. One million fans on Facebook, is a significant milestone and Nike took action by launching a special shoe for Özil.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly II with 1 MIÖ embroiedered on it. Özil said on his Facebook page: “Thanks for the tons of comments on my new ‘1-MIÖ-Mercurials’. Many have asked if they could have the boots. For this reason, I decided that one of you can win them. In addition, I’ve also signed 50 201Ö T-Shirts, that you also can win. Click here: Good luck! Gruß Mesut.” [Source:]

A simple idea to trigger more traffic, to engage directly with fans and to promote a specific product. I kinda like the integration of the Ö in “Milliön, linking nicely to the Ö in Özil’s name. A detail yes, but details make a difference!

Karl Lusbec

7 thoughts on “Mesut Özil Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Fans with Special Boot

  1. I think this where Nike excells, capitalizing on small opportunities. Recall the buzz generated by the introduction of the Nike Safari. It was simply the unvailing of a new color scheme but, the same boots that we have witneseed on displays over the course of the last several months.

    And, yes, details count. “Love is in the details.”

    PS: Congrats on winning against the English. The French toyed with them. The English are tauted as having the best league in the world and yet, they produce mediocre players. How do you take English football to the top international level?


  2. I don’t believe it’s a “small opportunity”. Engaging directly with fans and exposing your product to 1 million potential consumers is a very well targeted initiative.

    As for the Safari, it was more than unveiling a new colour scheme. It was taking leadership in bringing to the market something different than orange, blue, yellow, pink, in other words, all the colour palette we’ve seen over and over. The shoe remain the same, but the trend has been brought to the market.

    With respect to the England v France game, I unfortunatly have not seen it. I ended up in an Irish Pub, and they showed Germany v Sweden……..However, according to the highlights France was way better than England. Capello’s coaching did not help either in my opinion.


  3. oooh please mesut i very much write 4 u .please write some thing 4 me . My name is parisa and i really love u.
    I just 4 u see football because i very much love you.
    I wish that see u from near.
    U r always in my mind.
    I just say love u very love u.


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