I Am Playr; The Facebook Interactive Football Game

Hi everyone,
It seems that Facebook is the favourite social media platform to promote football products, events or interactive games. I am Playr is the first game where you experience the life of a football player through his eyes. This interactive gameplay includes a compelling story via several medias to give the user a unique experience.

I am Playr is half way between a video game and a movie. During your experience on I am Playr, your evolution depends on your actions and on your decisions. Hard work and you are rewarded. However, lazyness, night life, non stop parties, hang out with (pretty) girls triggers bad performance on the pitch and you will have to deal with the consequences.



Like in real life, every decision you make has positive or negative consequences on your game. Wise calls and you shall win the club’s golden boot. Be mister liquor and you will go straight to second league or being transfered to a lousy team. Your game, your call. Enjoy!

Karl Lusbec




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