Cristiano Ronaldo, the Castrol Ambassador Interview

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On 17 April, 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo, signed as Global Ambassador for the leading lubricants company, Castrol. The dynamic partnership between the superstar footballer and the market-leading brand will run until 2011. In his new global role with FIFA World Cup™ sponsors, Castrol, Ronaldo will be the face of Castrol football initiatives that will show the energy, motivation and determination that goes into delivering winning performances on the pitch.

Cristiano will lead new Castrol Edge and Castrol Power 1 brand communication campaigns as well as supporting the exclusive workshop range of Castrol Professional products.

As part of the deal, fans from across the globe will be given the chance to come face to face with their hero in a unique initiative that will allow them to experience the level of skill and dedication that led to him being named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2008.

His drive for winning and for being the best matches Castrol’s passion to make the world’s best oils, using the technical expertise they have built up over the last 100 years. Ronaldo commenting on the partnership, said: “I admire Castrol as they have the same commitment to success and winning performances as I do on the field. I’m honoured to be working with them and am excited to see how Castrol analyse my own performances!”

Mike Johnson, Castrol Senior Vice President, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity where two world class performers are joining forces. Castrol, as the world’s greatest lubricant brand, and Cristiano, as the world’s best performing player. We are really looking forward to building on our success through this new partnership.”[Source:]

Cristiano Ronaldo, gives his views about El Clasico, his performances, José Mourinho during an interview for Castrol Stats. Cool piece from CR7. Enjoy!



Tomorrow a marketing article about El Clasico. Stay tuned!

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