adidas micoach; When Technology meets Football

Hi guys,
Technology and entertainment are becoming more and more important within the sport industry. The adidas micoach is a great example of when technology meets sport in order to improve an athlete’s performance. The 3-stripes developed and launched the micoach a fitness tracking system for key sports: Fitness, running, Football, Basket-Ball, Tennis and American Football.

So how does it work?
First of all, go to the micoach website and setup an account. Download the application needed to sync up and update your datas. Then, you need to plug the pacer unit (the brain of the device) into your computer. Not only the pacer will be charged automatically, but it will also sync up with the downloaded aplication. It’s easy and straightforward. This application will update your datas on your micoach account each time you decide to synchronise online.

Then, choose your sport, set your training goals online. Strip the unit to your belt, attach the stride sensor to your shoelaces, strap the heart monitor on your torso (or chest) and you are ready to start your training. You have 7 levels of fitness to choose from.

A “sexy” voice will be coaching you troughout your training if you want to. You also have the free mode option. The free mode will only record your activity and save it until you next synchronise.

David Villa is the icon for micoach. Although professional football players are strongly assisted and helped by famous coaches, the Spanish striker outlines that the device helps you to become better and improve your performances.


Micoach can work with any digital music device. Simply use the male-to-male cable to connect your MP3 (or phone) player to the pacer unit and plug your headphone to it. Speaking of headphone, in January 2010 adidas partnered with Sennheiser, the leading brand in microphones headphones and wireless transmission systems, and launched a new series of sports headphones. Smart and sensible partnership here!

Coaching is essential to improving as an athlete. Whatever your goal is, a coach will help you see the goals you cannot and help you improve so you don’t end up doing the same thing over again. For each sport, micoach develop a plan to meet your goals, and this is what it’s all about!

Karl Lusbec