The Chance: Nike’s Global Hunt for Undiscovered Talents

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Last month, Nike announced the final 100 players participating in “The Chance,” a global search for elite amateur players to join the Nike Academy, a high performance program supported by the Premier League in England. According to Arsene Wenger, “The Chance programme gives young players around the world a one of a lifetime opportunity to show their talent, enhance their game and gain valuable insight into the mindset and physical demands of the professional game”. 

For the Final 100, trial week gives talented young players the chance to train, play and experience life as an elite athlete, with an opportunity to enter the Nike Academy.
Under the watchful eye of elite level coaches and scouts, the final 100 players from 40 countries were selected from over 75,000 global submissions. Three days of intensive trials will be supported by world-class training and professional insights.

The final eight players selected will live in the UK for a year starting next summer and be a full-time member of the Nike Academy. Players will experience world-class facilities, elite coaches, nutritionists, psychologists and fitness conditioners, along with games against elite academies and professional reserve teams.

The final 100 players will travel to London on January 19th to begin three days of intense training and competition, while being evaluated by a world-class team of coaches and scouts. Players will also participate in a series of training drills and tactical sessions aimed to broaden exposure to elite training techniques.

During trial week players will receive personal coaching expertise and tips from leading international coaches and professional players such as Theo Walcott of Arsenal FC. Under the guidance of Huw Jennings, Director of the Nike Academy, the coaching staff will assess the participants and select the final eight players for the Nike Academy.

“Trial week represents a tremendous opportunity for these young players to stake their claim and realize their potential to win a position at Nike Academy,” said Huw Jennings, Director, Nike Academy. “The global reach of The Chance participants is exciting from a coaching perspective, leading to the intensity and high level of competition during trial week.”

The final 100 players were selected by Nike through Nike Elite Training events, the Nike City Cup, as well as exposure through the digital platform.


This programme is  not only a football grassroot programme. It’s a compelling way Nike is putting forward to grow kids with the brands, and laying the foundations of the new generation of footballers already affiliating with the swoosh. What do you guys think?

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    Good to have you here! Indeed Nike taps into the kids dream component, and at the same time, link the young upcoming generation of football players to the brand. Similarly to Michael Jordan and Nike Basket Ball in the 80’s.

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