David Beckham; honoured by the Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement Award

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David Beckham; honoured by the Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement award: The former English national football team’s skipper David Beckham has been honoured by the Personality Lifetime Achievement Award. The veteran play-maker has played most matches for the English team and is considered one of the legends of the game of football.

The thirty five year old footballer has also played for the prestigious football club, Manchester United and has won six Premier League titles for them. Moreover his presence in the English national squad was also admired and appreciated by football fans from all around the world.

After receiving the award the former Manchester United Skipper David Beckham expressed his thoughts pretty happily and told the world that football is his love and he is really honoured that he is awarded to do something he loves the most. Beckham said that he will try to stay close to the world of football as he still loves to play and this game has given him the recognition.

The current L.A Galaxy midfielder Beckham received the award from Sir Bobby Charlton. David told the media about his feelings and said that Sir Bobby Charlton is one of the greats of the football world and receiving the award of the Personality of the Year is not less than an admiration for him. Beckham added that the seventy three year old English football legend Bobby Charlton was a football star for him when he started to play and receiving this award from Charlton is truly special for him.

Beckham is of the view that the game of football is a team’s game and without team work no team can win even a single match. Beckham said that it is because of his teammates that he has successfully been able to display the best of his game. Beckham paid tribute to his former English national teammates and said that it is because of his team that he has been able to play and perform well and the award he has been honoured with is because of his teammate’s tremendous support.

David Beckham considers himself very lucky for having played for the English football team and being trained by the best football coaches of the world. Later the British veteran Beckham told the media that he is very thankful to all of his fans and followers. He is very thankful to his friend and family; said Beckham.

A famous sports and media critic Carl Doran told the media that David Beckham is one of the all time greats of the football game. Doran added that Beckham’s career has been tremendous on and off the football playing field and it was a very well deserved award for the midfielder.

No doubt the sparkling career of David Beckham is a role model for the upcoming players of football. According to Carl Doran David has done a staggering job and has presented the game of football to a very higher level. He continued that Beckham has presented a very good picture of England to the world while working as an ambassador for the sports.

David Beckham has appeared in most games for his national side more than any other. His capacity and abilities cannot be challenged as he is considered one of the best football midfielders of the world. The Brit is currently playing for L.A Galaxy football team and is hoping to return to the national side. Moreover David Beckham was also a part of the delegation to bid the 2018 world cup event and his work in the matter was highly appreciated. No doubt the Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement award was a very well deserved award for him.

[Source: Bettor.com]

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