Football Marketing in 2010: My Top 10!

Hi everyone,
I wish you all a happy new year! May 2011 bring health, prosperity, joy to you and your love ones. I hope you had a fantastic new year’s eve and back soon with fully reloaded batteries! 2010 was a World Cup year rich in football marketing experiences and here are my top 10!

#10: Domenech Gambles Back!
After a World Cup fiasco, former french national team coach Raymond Domenech comes back in the spotlight, partnering with Bwin and launching a kick ass commercial to challenge anyone who wants to take him on……Poker. The video is cool, fun, and matching perfectly with Domenech’s personality: The “I don’t care” guy.


#9: Manchester United: Fan Power!
Man Utd fans showed that fans can be more powerful than we think. By getting together and publicly vomitting the Glazer family management, they are taking charge in their loved club future. They launched a non official range with the original green-yellow Manchester United Kit and some merchandise outlining their contempt for the Glazer’s management.


#8: Sponsors quit Les Bleus sinking ship
Biggest fiasco in french football, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is synonym of turmoil and failure. Les Bleus sponsors left the sinking ship, one after the other and refused to have their brands associated with this poor image displayed in South Africa. A very “made in France” way: We win together, you loose….alone”!


#7: Benfica and Caixa Bank: a promoted pitch invasion
When football clubs put together some inspirational way to create hype and awareness, Benfica and Caixa Bank hit the nail on the head. The pitch invasion was a fantastic marketing stunt, and reached its goal: Provide the fans with a brand new football experience and promoting their club’s partnership in a fun and cool fashion.


#6: International day of Peace: The football benchmark
Few know that adidas and Puma have historical ties. Very few know the decennial feud between the two brands. On September 21, the International day of peace “used” this rivalry as an example that peace is possible no matter what. Puma and adidas played a game to bury the hatchet. Yes, football is the only sport that can send a peace message globally.


#5: The adidas, Puma, Nike history
A 3 chapter story to make a chronology of the history of the top 3 sports brands in the world:
adidas, Puma, Nike: Once Upon a Time in Sports
adidas, Puma, Nike: The game in on!
adidas, Puma, Nike: A Sports Legacy


#4 Puma Extends Partnership with African Football Flagship Cameroon
Jochen Zeitz’s brand is maximising on its partnerships with African teams (Cameroon, Ghana, Algeria, Egypt), African players (Samuel Eto’o, Stephane M’bia etc) and African assets (Kehinde Wiley…). Securing Cameroon within their portfolio was a priority and they made it happen.


#3: The African book of Happiness by Joseph Peter
A fantastic story of Joseph Peter aboard the Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy tour in Africa, taking pictures of locals and displaying their happiness and joy. A book full of beautiful and heartwarming images. A must see from a great photographer.


#2: Football Shoes + Safari + Facebook = Super Buzz!
How not to mention the controversial Nike Safari shoe for Cristiano Ronaldo. There is no good buzz or bad buzz. There is BUZZ, period. Nike send this message clearly with a leopard skin design for their Portuguese icon. A saga in 3 chapters that got the interest, not only of football marketers, but of the whole football community.


#1: November 17, 2010: The last Game of Les Bleus with 3-stripes
Les Bleus wore 3 stripes for 38 years. From January 1, 2011 Nike will take over. Something many thought impossible 5-10 years ago has become possible. The swoosh will provide FFF with m€ 42.6 per season, and no other sponsor could match that. The most significant football marketing move. Impossible is nothing…


Karl Lusbec