FIFA Ballon d’Or: How the Voting Went

Hi all,
Lionel Messi received the FIFA Ballon d’Or award yesterday in Zurich ahead of Xavi and Iniesta. My take was a tie between Xavi and Iniesta, where “Don Andres” would win.

The three of them are fantastic players, but I was naive to think that winning the World Cup would automatically rule Messi out. Then a two horse race between Xavi and Iniesta, where I would justify giving the award to Iniesta “just” because he scored the only goal at the World Cup final. Well, I got it all wrong!

Here is how the FIFA Ballon d’Or voting went:


I am looking forward to your comments!

Karl Lusbec



3 thoughts on “FIFA Ballon d’Or: How the Voting Went

  1. In FIFA worl cup they play just 7 matches to win the world cup, yes is the highest honour in football, but then its too fiew games to use that and judge who is best in the world for a whole year,playing over 50 matches ,including leage and champions league, so lets put all that into consideration before critisizing the best player in the world …Leo Messi. a mile above any other footballer in his generation.


  2. Messi’s qualities are undeniable. Yet, last year my bet went to Iniesta or Xavi because they won the World Cup, which is a big bonus compared to a player who did not.
    As there was no major football event this year (World Cup or Euro), all players have the same chances.


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