Puma Launches Worldwide Finale King Facebook Campaign

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The legendary Puma King football shoe will trigger an online campaign Puma will be launching. Indeed, Puma unveiled the launch of a worldwide digital Facebook campaign along with the launch of the new Puma King Finale shoe and the King apparel range.

In a nutshell, the campaign consists of allowing users to create poster images mimicking PUMA’s new retro-styled ‘King Of…’ advertising campaign. The application allows fans to add their image to a template of the brand’s campaign, alongside text identifying where and what they think they’re the ‘king of’.

‘King Of…’ gives the fans the ability to customise their creations, download them for their own use and share them in social exchange whilst also offering the option to submit their designs to the ‘PUMA King Sticker wall’ hosted within the application.


The first ever Puma King football boot was designed with Eusébio 42 years ago, and worn by legends of the game including Pelé, Maradona, Netzer, Kempes and Matthäus. [Source: Sport Industry.biz].

Following the adidas social networking game “Danger makes Legend” and Nike’s several marketing initiatives on  Facebook, Puma taps into the most popular social media platform too. By featuring one of its top product and clothing range, the Facebook campaign has indeed a global impact.

Try out the new PUMA ‘King of…’ application by visiting http://apps.facebook.com/pumakingof. For more information about the new PUMA King range and other football related news, visit www.puma.com/football and www.facebook.com/pumafootball.

Another significant move from sporting good companies tapping into the social media world. Realizing the power social medias have to leverage their products and address directly to their target audience, sports brands are launching cool marketing initiatives with an significant global impact.

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