Samsung Launches AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 Mobile Application

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Samsung Electronics., Ltd, the official sponsor for AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011, will enhance excitement and football fever for fans around the world, through its latest smart devices and the newly launched mobile application, ‘AFC 2011 Samsung’.

Launched for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011, this Android/Bada OS based mobile football application is available on Samsung’s latest smart devices, the GALAXY Tab, Galaxy S, Wave I and Wave II.

Downloadable from the Android Market and the Samsung Apps Store, the ‘AFC 2011 Samsung’ app puts exclusive content from the AFC’s MatchCast service into the hands of football fans. Matchcast displays real-time information and statistics from the Player Tracking System which is refreshed every 20 seconds.

Using the ‘AFC 2011 Samsung’ app, fans will be able to stay tuned to real time performance data on individual players and teams, such as pass accuracy and sprint speeds. The mobile application also lets users make direct comparisons on player and team performance and is customizable to enable fans to tailor the information they want to see.

Mr. Gyehyun Kwon, Vice President and Head of Worldwide Sports Marketing, Samsung Electronics said: “This is the first time that Samsung has introduced a mobile application specifically designed for a sports event. With the launch of the ‘AFC 2011 Samsung’ app, we hope to provide a new standard of football viewing experience to football lovers around the world. Samsung will continue to strive to add excitement to sporting events, through our core competency, the latest mobile technology.”

“Partnering with Samsung signifies a great opportunity for our audience to get in contact with smarter technologies from the AFC and Samsung, which ultimately creates a more memorable experience for fans following the competition. The AFC recognizes Samsung for its diverse efforts in making this sporting event more visible and exciting, enabling more engagement with sports fans.” said Mr. Mohammed Bin Hammam, the President of AFC (Asian Football Confederation).

Apart from the introduction of the ‘AFC 2011 Samsung’ mobile application, Samsung is offering the crowds and fans exciting on-site, as well as off-site, activities. Activities include the Samsung Galaxy Fan Café, the presentation of the Samsung “Man of the Match”, and the “Fan of the Match” promotion event for the stadium audience. Samsung is also running an online promotion, “Be Proud, Support Your Country”, on Samsung facebook community.
[Source: Ameinfo]

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