Manchester United Sponsors Overview

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Football clubs are brands. Nothing new right? In the football marketing world, it is no wonder to notice that the best clubs are simply the richest…….or may be the richest clubs are the best? Regardless its amount of titles, a football club is also measured by its business appeal. Let me share with you an overview of the 15 sponsors of one of the richest football club: Manchester United.

A successful club will reflect positively on its sponsors. In other words, good sports results will have a knock on effect on the visibility of portfolio of sponsors. Having a successful management is key in a professional club. A club with no global commercial reach has no chance to grow. Commercial goes hand in hand with sport success.

This is the case of Manchester United one of the biggest clubs in the world and probably the one that best enhances their business skills. The success and visibility of the Red Devils means that any company wants to see his mark with the club. Through these sponsorships 15, Manchester United is able to generate annual revenues exceeding 75 million Euros, which puts him in a dimension higher than in the remaining competition.

Manchester United 15 Sponsors
[Source: Futebol Finance]

A successful football club partners with global companies; it’s a win win situation. All football clubs follow (pretty much) the same business model, and have therefore set their brand for success.

Also, Manchester United, along with other global clubs, carry heavy debt. A great article from “The Swiss Ramble” explains it very well. With the UEFA Financial Fair Play planned for 2014, debts shall be no longer tolerated by Platini and staff. A new (safe) business model shall be put in place then!

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