Nike The Chance: A Moment of Glory for 8!

Hi guys,
The Chance, the Nike worldwide search for football talents unveiled the 8 winners. They were thousands coming from more than 40 countries. Now, only 8 will be full time members of the Nike academy. The Chance is more than a scouting system to find the new Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. This program exposes the brand directly to young footballers and tap into their loyalty to its products.

In a previous article, I was pointing out this worldwide search for young talents Nike setup. A significant marketing initiative which links youngsters with the brand and products, and taps into a key demographic. With the involvement of Giovanni Van Bronckhorst or Arsene Wenger, Nike used its global ambassadors to add a strong credibility to the mix.

The winners are:

1- Mustapha Taline (France, 21 years old, forward)
2- Tobi Amokoedo (UK, 18 years old, forward)
3- Fabio Tonini (Belgium, 17 years old, forward)
4- Seon-Min Moon (South Korea, 18 years old, Midfield)
5- Titi Accam (UK, 20 years old, Midfield)
6- Tomas Rogic (Australia, 18 years old, Midfield)
7- Jonathan King (South Africa, 17 years old, Defender)
8- Reyaad Pieterse (South Africa, 18 years old, Goalkeeper)

8 young upcoming talents made it to the Nike Academy and will be trained to become the best of the best. Congratulations to them. Hard work, dedication, commitment are one of the key principles those 8 did follow. A moment of glory they, for sure, will enjoy!


Karl Lusbec