Asian Sponsors of Top European Clubs 2010/2011

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Recently, global clubs such as FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid strengthened their presence on the Asian market. Going on summer or winter tours in Asia is not enough. Global clubs geared up and signed strategic sponsorship deals with leading industry brands in Asia. Bayern and Real are not the only ones partnering Asian brands. Here’s an overview of top european clubs with significant partnerships with Asian companies.

Manchester United: 10 Asian Sponsors
Shigha Beer , EPSON , HI Seoul , Khumo , STC , PCCW, VIVA, TRI Indonesia, Telecom Malaysia, Aigo.

Manchester City: 4 Asian Sponsors
Etihad Airways, Etisalat, ADTA, Aabar.


AC Milan: 3 Asian Sponsors
Emirates, RICOH, Sony.

FC Barcelona: 2 Asian Sponsors
Qatar Foundation, Etisalat.

FC Bayern Munich: 2 Asian Sponsors
Yingli Solar, Samsung.

FC Internazionale: 2 Asian Sponsors
Samsung, ACER.

Chelsea FC: 2 Asian Sponsors
Singha Beer, Samsung.

Real Madrid: 2 Asian Sponsors
Saudi Telecom, Dua Kelinci.

No less than 27 Asian brands are partnering with 8 global football clubs. We could add Paris St Germain and Arsenal being sponsored by Emirates to the list though. Football clubs are sending a loud and clear message. Football’s marketing future is in Asia.

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  1. Hi Stephen,
    Sincere apologies for forgetting the almighty Everton! I even did not add my beloved PSG (partnered with Emirates) on the list, I am sure you will forgive me! 🙂


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