Snoods: I Just Don’t Get it!

Breaking news: FIFA is set to meet on March 5th and will debate whether snoods are dangerous or not. In other words, Football decision makers will get together for a couple of hours or days and discuss how dangerous a piece of cloth around a footballer’s neck could cost him his life while playing. Sorry folks, but I just don’t get it!

Let me put things in perspective here. Football is a sport with controversy on any given match-day. A sport where human mistake triggers anger, frustration and loss (in € millions most of the time) for teams, managers and Presidents. Football is a sport where having 5 referees instead of 3 is proven to be inefficient at best.

Football is a sport where violence, homophobia, racism are ongoing plagues. Football is a sport where one billionaire buys off a club and wipes out the debts where other clubs have to deal with a National Directorate for Control and Management which send them straight to second league if they have 100 € debts.

I could go on and on with examples and issues that need to be fixed. Instead of getting together to deal with the real problems, FIFA will discuss for hours about……snoods. Am I missing something? I mean…..come on!

Are snoods ugly? Beauty is a matter of taste, but whoever played football in winter with a too low jersey neck line will tell you: “Dude, I am freezing my a** off and I need something to protect my neck” .

Are snoods dangerous? I understand that this whole thing comes from the fact that if a player runs he could be pulled by his snood and cause strangulation. Well, with that same logic, a jersey is as dangerous as a snood right? Being pulled by a shirt has the same effect as being pulled by a snood.

What if adidas or Nike or Puma come up with a integrated snood in their football shirt? Will players have to cut it off? Will clubs or national teams be fined because their players wear the integrated snood of their football shirt? Well, that reminds me of a specific story!

What about football players with long hair? Have you guys seen Juan Pablo Sorin’s hair? Are his hair a danger for him?  What if he gets pulled by the hair and…..turns out bald? Will FIFA meet up to discuss the authorised length of players hair?? You get my point. I think with the whole snood  thing, we (I mean the people in charge) are going straight to the abyss of ridicule!

Like there is nothing better to do? Here are 3 points the football governing body should take care of in priority in my opinion.

1- The usage of the video for domestic and international games
Do I really need to explain?
2- Financial equality
The UEFA Financial Fair Play will kick in for 2013 season, but this initiative must be brought to a global level.
3- Efficient fight against racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination
A 50.000 € fine for a football club with racist supporters is peanuts. Efficient fines such as points withdrawal, relegation to second league, play all games away etc are much more impactful.

Someone please explain to me why this focus on snood is so high! Like there is nothing else to take care of? I just don’t get it! So, rather than focusing on something so pointless as wearing a snood, please guys, deal with the very important matters…..for the good of the game!

Karl Lusbec



5 thoughts on “Snoods: I Just Don’t Get it!

  1. Snoods…..why? Gloves – why?
    I don’t understand why players wear gloves – because their hands get cold. Sorry your hands get warm if you exercise them – curl, release, curl release – we use to do this in rugby where you really do need to keep your hands warm – otherwise you can’t play properly. But football, sorry call me old fashioned, but I think footballers reveal themselves as overpaid, softees …namby pamby babies who are afraid of getting their hands cold. I’m sure many people will disagree??


  2. This somes up FIFA for me instead of tackling the real issues, they decided to hold a stupid meetings where all the fat cats and live like kings for 3 days and claim it all back on expenses, FIFA are so incredibly stupid at times,


  3. Hi guys, thanks for your comments!
    My beef is, and as you said Stephen, while snoods are being discussed, other important, crucial issues are postponed to who knows when.

    Also, it starts with snoods and what’s next? I think we all agree that there must be rules to follow, and so far, most of them make sense. However, if snoods start to be discussed, I don’t really want to know what will be the next “hot” topic on the table…


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