France vs Brazil; A Nike Event

Yesterday Nike launched simultaneously the FFF (France) and CBF (Brazil) kits. An event 100% Nike which celebrates the 1st game the French Football Federation is outfitted by Nike after 38 years wearing adidas.

I (unfortunately) was not there, but from what I read/heard/saw, Nike took a marketing ownership of the Stade de France. France couldn’t have had a better start than beating Brazil 1-0, and keeping the winning streak going.



Nike counts in its portfolio;
UEFA: France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia
OFC: New-Zealand, Australia
AFC: South-Korea

adidas counts in its portfolio:
UEFA: Spain, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Greece, Slovakia
CONMEBOL: Paraguay, Argentina,
CAF: Nigeria
AFC: Japan


Karl Lusbec

5 thoughts on “France vs Brazil; A Nike Event

  1. Indeed, a good start for Nike and France, let’s hope it continues! What is the deal with the new jerseys though? They have a completely different look to any other team’s jersey and look more like a little buttoned down polo that one would wear on the golf course rather than on a soccer field. Strange move there by nike. I hope you got to see the game on TV at least…


  2. Hi Jeremy,
    My take is that having FFF newly on board, Nike did something specific for the Federation, with the “United by our differences” campaign. Did you check out this article?
    Design-wise, it’s a very simple yet elegant shirt, and Nike put a strong emphasis on simplicity and technology.
    I did see the game, and glad to see that Benzema is “back”!


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