The Football Lounge is ONE Year Old! THANK YOU GUYS!!

Hi guys,

Today, the Football Lounge is ONE year old! Wow, time flies! My first marketing article on the blog was Puma and their Valentine’s day celebration. One year later, I am thankful to you guys who read it, comment on it, bring your insights and share your views!

Blogging is a fantastic experience. I do love football very much and believe that the marketing component is an integral part of this sport. No matter how we spin it, without Marketing, there is no football. It’s that simple. Having worked in football at adidas for so many years, I did have the privilege to be part of some cool marketing stunts and literally see how things work!

I am glad now to be able to share my views with you, and speak my mind openly. Nothing else but a football marketing blog could have given me a better online exposure (and credibility). I wish I could post more articles, but time and other activities are not making it easy.

I would like to thank all of you for reading, and spreading the word! I was thinking of a new WordPress Theme for the blog and give it a fresh look, but I couldn’t find a theme which catches my fancy. Well, I will have another look then!

For those who have not done so, please subscribe to the RSS feed, follow me on Twitter (@KarlLusbec), check out the Facebook page , get in touch with me on LinkedIn, and feel free to leave your comments on the blog.

Take care and peace!

Karl Lusbec


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