Why Gattuso is Dangerous for AC Milan’s Brand Image

Hi guys,
We all saw what happened between Gattuso and Joe Jordan during and after the Milan-Tottenham Champions League game. Gattuso’s behaviour made me wonder and think of what AC Milan stands for. What I saw on February 15th is not at all what AC Milan represents.

AC Milan have an image, a high class standing club. This club has always positioned itself as the club with class and elegance with well mannered players. I think of Paolo Maldini, known and praised as a gentleman on and off the pitch. I think of Alessandro Nesta and Andrea Pirlo who represent Milan fashion and elegance.

A while back, AC Milan had players such as Marco Van Basten who was as elegant as he was a powerful serial striker. Ruud Gullit or Frank Rijkaard who embodied flair and proper conduct.

Gattuso is ruining everything AC Milan stands for.

What I saw last week, was a topless pittbull barking for 90 mn and biting, fighting headbutting from anger. Didier Drogba would say: “It’s a f****g disgrace”. Yes it was!

Gattuso acted like a scum, a badboy who could have been featured in a Scorsese movie. It was appalling! And on top of that, he wore the captain armband that night.

We all know how Gattuso plays, and I read somewhere that he needs this “adrenaline rush” to play at his best. In other words, he needs to break his opponent’s ankle/leg to play a great game…….oh sorry, the bone crushing part, Flamini took care of.

Well, for those who play football (regardless the level), the last thing you want to have in your team, is a guy who can blow a fuse at any given time. Someone so unpredictable that you pray he is not getting sent off. and geopardise the whole team. Had it not been for a french useless referee, Gattuso AND Flamini should have been sent to wash off their anger in the locker rooms!

Some love him though. Good for them!! They love the gladiator touch fighting and bleeding for his club. They love the guy who never gives up and rolls himself on the pitch like a 3 year old who got denied an ice cream. Well, I don’t. Lack of self control in sport can be dangerous even for your team mates. I’d rather see a player like Makélélé or Essien playing tough without the “I am losing it” attitude.

My point is that a club like AC Milan who built its reputation as a respectable club is having all its work destroyed by douchebags like Gattuso. Today, UEFA banned the rossonero for 4 games, and might not play in Champions League until next season. Serves him right!!! As far as I am concerned he should have been suspended for more.

Milan’s coach expressed his displeasure at Gattuso’s behaviour, but in my opinion, the club must be vocal to condemn such behaviour, and should make sure it keeps its pitbull on a leash before this famous italian club is linked to street fighting.

Karl Lusbec

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