Nike Superfly II and Swarovski: Made in Bling

Hi guys,
I always say: “There is no good or bad advertising: Buzz is buzz!”. After the launch of the controversial Safari Superfly boots, Nike went to the next level with a very special shoe. A bling one.

Nike partnered with Swarovski and produced a one of pair of Superflys boots covered with more than 5000 precious Swarovski crystals. Mamadou Sakho must be wondering when he will be wearing these super Superlfys. Answer: Never. Indeed, they are for display and show purposes only.

Although no official price has been disclosed neither from Swaroski nor from Nike, I let you guys speculate on the price of this special boot.

According to Orravan Design blog, The right foot is a gradation of crystals Swarovski in the colors of Brazil and the left foot a gradation of crystals Swarovski in the colors of France. There close to 5000 crystals on this hand-made pair by our Designer Pierre.

Actually, these boots were designed to celebrate Sakho’s first ever selection into the France National Team for their recent friendly over Brazil. However, Mamadou Sakho’s first international game was with England in Wembley, whereas he stayed on the bench the whole game against “la Selecao”. In addition, Sakho is a CTR360 player, but I suppose the Superfly upper is easier to work on with crystals pieces.

The point of this initiative is interesting in my opinion. However, the buzz is rather quiet compared to the one of the Safari launch, and the choice of player / boot / exposure could have been better thought out. This said, it gives the Superfly a certain edge and positioning no other football shoe has and it talks to the “new generation” hence perhaps the choice of Mamadou Sakho.

What do you think? Too much bling? If 50 cents played football, would he be a better “ambassador”?

Karl Lusbec