Sony Acquires Hawk-Eye for the Good of the Game?

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According to Sports Business, Sony bought Hawk-Eye, the UK-based specialist in providing tracking technology to sports event rights-holders and broadcasters. Very interesting move after FIFA postponed the goal line technology for another year…..

Hawk-Eye has already got a strong presence and expertise in sports such as tennis and criquet. FIFA momentarily turned down the goal line technology, outlining its lack of accuracy. Sony, by purchasing Hawk-Eye has a solid technology to convince the football governing body until next year.

We all know how strongly Sony is involved in football. Indeed, the Japanese firm is a FIFA partner and is also one of the 6 UEFA Champions League sponsors. Owning the Hawk-Eye technology, Sony is in a strategic position to develop, market and launch their goal line technologies with the so required 100% accuracy.

“Hawk-Eye is recognised globally for its innovative solutions for resolving close calls in critical sporting situations, particularly in cricket and tennis where they have developed a worldwide reputation,” said Sony Europe vice-president Naomi Climer.

Climer added: “Hawk-Eye presents Sony with the opportunity to acquire a small, innovative company with unique knowledge and excellent growth and synergies potential, it is an ideal complementary offering to Sony Professional’s existing portfolio of solutions for stadia, venues and broadcasters, as well as bringing in specific expertise around managed services and sports software solutions engineering.”

The takeover includes all intellectual property rights, Hawk-Eye’s current full-time staff as well as the company’s technology, software solutions and engineering capabilities.

Paul Hawkins, who founded Hawk-Eye in 1999, added: “Over the last decade Hawk-Eye has become the reference standard technology for ball tracking and graphics in tennis, cricket and snooker. Our skills and established knowledge coupled with Sony’s breadth of capabilities and technologies will create immense opportunities for the sports industry.”

In a nutshell, Sony acquired Hawk-Eye…..for the good of the game!

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