Olympique de Marseille: YOU Design the 2011-2012 Kit

Hi everyone,
Olympique de Marseille, one of the leading Ligue 1 club and adidas are giving fans the joy/opportunity to design the OM 2011-2012 kit. Fans should go to www.om.miteam.com or via the club’s Facebook page to design their own Olympique de Marseille kit.

It’s the first time a french football club takes such initiative. In Marseille, fans are proud to rub in other clubs’ face that they will forever be the first french club to win the Champions League. Again here, the club is (already) bragging to be the first to take such initiative.

The marketing activation starts today at 18:00 on wwww.om.miteam.com and will end on March 19th. On that day, a jury made of OM and adidas guys will shortlist 10 kits and fans will be voting for the ones they like best.  The club communicates that all colours and design will be available and fans will have a complete freedom.

The winner will have the privilege to see his work worn by Olympique de Marseille players for 2011-2012 season, and will be hosted in the VIP lounge at the Velodrome Stadium where he will meet with Marseille players. What a treat!

Great way to engage fans and to give them the  opportunity to express their creative mind, and ultimately communicate directly with them. We will then hear for the next 20 years or so that Marseille were (again) the pioneer! Shall we bet?

Karl Lusbec


2 thoughts on “Olympique de Marseille: YOU Design the 2011-2012 Kit

  1. Hi Karl, maybe you can remember my name. I`ve been working at adidas germany in football communication and we met some times. I`m now responsible for the brand at VfL Wolfsburg and sorry…. OM is not the first club to create a club jersey with the fans 😉 We´re near to the end with our campaign to create the jersey for next season
    Congratulations for your blog and best regards German


  2. Hallo Herr Schulz!
    Of course I remember you! Welcome here 🙂 Long time no see, I hope all is good at VfL!
    When I said Marseille arthe first to let the fans design a club shirt, I meant the first club in France. As I wrote: “It’s the first time a french football club takes such initiative.” 😉

    I have great friends from Marseille, and they almost convinced me that football was invented in Marseille! 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog! All the best and keep in touch!


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