adidas all in ad: Consumers are not one-dimensional

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I recently published an article about adidas encapsulating its 3 core brands into one ad. The “all adidas” ad was released today. The campaign features NBA star Derrick Rose, football stars David Beckham and Lionel Messi, pop icon Katy Perry, hip hop artist B.o.B., University of Notre Dame football and skateboarders Silas Baxter-Neal, Lem Villemin and Jake Donnelly.

adidas unveiled the “all adidas” global brand campaign, the brand’s largest marketing campaign in history. The campaign showcases adidas’ distinctive presence across different cultures and lifestyles fusing the world of sports, music and fashion and is the first time the company features adidas Sport Performance, adidas Originals and adidas Sport Style sub-brands in a single campaign.

The new campaign, launching March 16, captures the passion athletes, musicians and artists put into their ‘game’ and takes a gritty, authentic look into the visceral nature of raw passion. The ad was directed by Romain Gavras and features the song “Civilization” by French electronic band Justice.

Patrick Nilsson, President of adidas America said: “Today’s consumers are not one-dimensional. They live across the cultural spectrum and that’s where adidas has its edge.  The adidas brand extends beyond sports and ‘all adidas’ celebrates this breadth of passion from athletes, musicians, artists and beyond.  The new campaign allows us to create stronger, truer connections with the consumer by encouraging and celebrating a mix of interests and passions central to their lives.”

The campaign is built around a 30- and 60-second TV commercial and a two-minute extended online version. At the heart of the “all adidas” campaign is the celebration of the game face – the look of glory or defeat we reveal at the most pivotal moment in the game.

Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created and produced the global campaign.  Sid Lee was hired as the global advertising agency for lifestyle label adidas Originals at the start of 2008 and developed the global campaigns for Originals in 2009 and 2010.  In 2010, Sid Lee was announced as the global lead-agency for the entire adidas brand. [Source: Sports One Source]

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