Champions League Quarters: Still A Two Horse Race?

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The UEFA Champions League quarter finals draw was held today. Fantastic games ahead with a made in England clash between Man Utd and Chelsea, but also an appealling Real Madrid v Tottenham. Will the Spurs make another stunning performance? At this stage of the competition, we have the best of the best. A look at the team sponsor is, at this stage, interesting.

–  Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur (adidas – Puma)
– Chelsea v Manchester United (adidas – Nike)
– FC Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk (Nike -Nike)
– Inter Milan v Schalke04  (Nike – adidas)

Nike: 4 teams
adidas:  3 teams
Puma: 1 team

For those familiar with the football lounge, you know by now that the Champions League is a two horse race where adidas and Nike share the biggest amount of teams. Quantity wise and quality wise.

Before the round of 16, Nike and adidas counted respectively 6 and 7 teams. Puma however had 1 team before the round of 16……..and is still in the race with the Spurs fantastic performance.

Since 1993, and the creation of the Champions League as we know it today, Nike and adidas’ teams lift 6 times each the Champions League trophy. Who will take the lead after the final whistle at Wembley on May 28? Will we see a Puma team winning the Champions League for the 1st time? Is Champions League still a two horse race? Time will tell!

Karl Lusbec



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