No Smoking Inside Camp Nou

Hi everyone,
Barcelona sticks to its core value: Mes que un Club (More than a club). The Catalan club unveiled a new no smoking campaign inside Camp Nou. The Blaugrana will ask their members to vote on a total smoking ban at the club’s next general assembly but in the meantime have launched an anti-smoking campaign to dissuade people from lighting up during matches.

“Also in health, more than a club”

“This campaign is not passing judgement on smokers, but is a way of protecting people’s most important treasure, their health, Barcelona also want to be more than a club in terms of health.” Barca medical director Jordi Mones explained to Spanish media.

Barca president Sandro Rosell was also present at the press conference and believes the club’s members will accept the initiative.
“Please don’t smoke in the stadium, do it for others, for everyone’s good health, especially children”.People can do what they like with their own health, but not that of others. This will eventually be considered normal and accepted by everyone,”
he said.

On January 2, 2011 a new law came into effect in Spain banning smoking in enclosed sports facilities among other places. Although smoking is now barred from most sections in Camp Nou the club’s new anti-tobacco campaign is aimed at the fans on the terraces.

The board will propose the total smoking ban at the assembly of representatives in the fall and will take effect next season if club members approve the initiative. [Source: FC Barcelona].

Barca takes a risky but courageous initiative. Sports and smoking are not a good mix, and the Catalan club puts this value forward. Indeed, més que un club!

Karl Lusbec