Nike Challenges Fans on Twitter for a Slogan for U.S Soccer

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Football brands are constantly looking for a closer reach to fans. Nike recently used Twitter as a global platform to challenge football fans to come up with an inspirational slogan for the U.S. football national team. A meaningful way to capitalise on the “Red All Over” marketing campaign launched against Argentina on March 18.

A couple of weeks before the U.S game against the Albiceleste, Nike approached football fans on Twitter and challenged them to come up with a motto that would fit with the “Red All Over” marketing campaign. Fans were given 5 days to send their creation by using the ahstag #redallover.

Successful initiative as thousands of fans participated each day. William Bachmann (@Wbachmann2) from Orlando FL submitted the slogan “Indivisible”. Nike went for this slogan and found it a perfect fit for the campaign. “Indivisible” was embroiedered on all U.S jerseys to be worn by players.

Simple idea, great initiative, meaningful results. Check out the below video.

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