FC Nürnberg Fans Against Areva Sponsorship

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Football sponsorship can be severely damaged by world headlines. FC Nürnberg supporters expressed anger and concern against Areva, their club sponsor. After the Fukushima accident in Japan, FCN fans ask for the partnership between french nuclear company areva and the Franconian club not to be prolonged.

Sascha Knchel, one of the representatives of supporters said: “Since what has happened to Fukushima, the point of no return is reached, we must act. We are aware that we will not end the current contract, but We hope at least it will not be prolonged”.

Three weeks ago, approximately 150 people supporting this cause launched an Anti Nuclear Facebook site.  Areva sponsors FC Nürnberg since 2008 until 2012 for a €3 Million sponsorship a year.

“I am a passionate supporter of Nuremberg in thirty-five and thirty years, I am hostile to nuclaire. This is a club completely crazy to accept money from a company whose business is rejected by at least half of the German population , “explained Sascha Knchel. Mr. Knchel refused for three years to attend the games of his favorite home team and buy replica  jerseys with Arena displayed on them.

“Leaders of Nuremberg will bite the fingers of choosing the easy money that Plutt of their image: they will perhaps be talking over their partnership with Areva as the summer of ‘Team “.

A blatant example of how world news can have an immediate knock on effect on sports sponsorship. Should FCN have thought twice before signing a deal with Areva? Most likely. In Germany, nuclear power is not popular to begin with, and although no one could have foreseen the catastrophy in Japan, the sponsorship outcome ends up to become a catastrophy for the franconian club!

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