2011 Champions League in Wembley: A 100% Nike Final?

Hi guys,
The yesterday Champions League game, Real Madrid v Barcelona almost made me switch off my TV after 60 mn. I was not the only one who found the game appalling until Pepe was rightfully sent off. This said, after the final whistle, we could have a 100% Nike Champions League final.

A couple of comments on Twitter:
Pedro Pinto (CNN Journalist): Poor first half at the Bernabeu. Real just too defensive. Would love to see Higuain, Benzema or Adebayor come on…!
Henry Winter (Daily Telegraph Football Correspondent): Horrible, horrible game….Chess with handbags….no respect, no charm, no integrity., no soul.
Phil Mc Nulty (BBC Chief football writer): And thank goodness Lionel Messi has lifted this game from a horrible, spiteful nonsense into something resembling a football match.

That should give you an idea of experts feeling about this game. But the aim of the article is to outline one interesting point; We may have a 100% Nike final in Wembley with FC Barcelona and Manchester United. I often refer to the adidas v Nike rivalry in football as a “two horse race“, based on the exposure and leadership of these 2 brands in football.

Since 1993 and the beginning of the UEFA Champions League as we know it now, adidas and Nike teams have lifted the trophy 6 times each via their teams. On May 28th in Wembley, we could see the Beaverton firm overtaking its main rival with either Manchester United or FC Barcelona winning the Champions League final.

Although this is pure speculation, the probability to see Schalke beating Man Utd at Old Trafford is to me, highly unlikely. I also do not see Madrid coming back from 0-2 at Camp Nou. Well, I said the exact same words concerning Liverpool after 45 mn of the Champions League final in 2005. Time will tell.

Karl Lusbec


5 thoughts on “2011 Champions League in Wembley: A 100% Nike Final?

  1. Hi Paul,
    Mourinho’s accusations are made in Mourinho. Provocation full on! Now his communication is spot on as well. We will be waiting for Barca answers rather than focusing on the game. By Milan, you meant Madrid right? 🙂


  2. Great article Karl! Messi is playing out of his mind, even if it’s a 100% Nike final, at least Adidas can just point to the greatest player in the world’s feet!


  3. Thanks Will!
    It will be indeed very interested to see what adidas and Nike will come up with pre-final. As you point out, adidas will outline the presence of the greatest player in the world wearing F-50 boots, but much more will come for sure!
    Stay tuned!


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