Premier League to Pay Record Sums in TV Pay outs

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According to Sports Business, the Premier League will pay out record sums in TV money to its clubs this season with the bottom club guaranteed to receive at least £37 million.

Lucrative new overseas television deals will see top-flight clubs earn an average of nearly £5 million more per year than last season, with the title-winner set to pocket more than £57 million. Although the Premier League has never confirmed the overall value of the overseas TV rights sales, Press Association Sport has calculated that they have doubled from £625 million during 2007-10 to around £1.2 billion over the next three seasons.

The total of approximately £1.2 billion is about 10 times the amount Germany’s Bundesliga receives for foreign TV rights, five times what Italy receives and three times the amount Spain’s La Liga earns.

The Premier League distributes broadcast rights income based partly on performance and the number of times a team’s matches are screened live on domestic television on top of a basic equal share. This season, each club will receive £13.8 million as the equal share of domestic TV rights and £17.7 million as the equal share of overseas TV rights revenues, while every place in the Premier League table is also worth £752,000.

Football finance expert Simon Chadwick, professor of sports business at Coventry University said: “To have balanced competitions you have to have fair and equitable distribution of revenues. What the Premier League has done by allocating this extra £5 million from overseas TV is say, we know we can’t increase the disparity between top and bottom”.

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