Dolce&Gabbana and AC Milan: Style, Fashion and Elegance……in Football!

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Domenico Dolce and Federico Gabbana have been designing the AC Milan off fields uniforms since 2004. On June 2010, the fashion brand and the Rossoneri extended their partnership until the end of 2012-2013 season. Both brands show a striking example that fashion and elegance can co-exist in football.

On May 19 2011, to celebrate AC Milan’s scudetto, D&G published a photo album featuring each player in a very fashionable style.  This unique project is the creation of Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana and young photographer Marco Falcetta.


The book is a fantastic collection of intimate portraits of the players that are shown under a different spotlight. The attention is focused on the players’ personality, mood and character rather than on their football skills for a change. Dolce&Gabbana and AC Milan give supporters the opportunity to see their favourite player in a different style, but there is more.

Indeed, the Rossonero club taps into the fashion segment and incorporates it strongly into its football team. While other teams keep on wearing training suits and sneakers in the bus, for the pitch recognition, or post games, AC Milan players wear D&G suits, and it makes a huge difference in terms of brand image.


I have already mentioned that AC Milan is a club with a positioning of elegance and style. This activation with D&G emphasises even more that Galliani’s club is the club linked to style, fashion and elegance…… football.

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