Bavaria Beer Maximises on World Cup 2010 Ambush Marketing Stunt

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One year after World Cup in South Africa, we won’t forget a couple of things. The ridiculous french team strike is one of them, but for football marketers, we will remember this ambush marketing stunt Bavaria Beer launched which triggered 36 hot girls being jailed. This said, maximising on an ambush marketing stunt is key. Bavaria shows us a cool “How to”.

Ambush marketing is a “hot” topic in the industry. On one hand, companies paying millions € or $ to have the exclusive marketing rights to display their products at a global event. On the other hand, competitors not paying a dime to the licensor and conduct marketing stunts to expose their brands at an event they do not pay licensing rights.

Bavaria falls in the latter category. The 36 girls were questioned by local authorities and FIFA, and made the news headlines. This event did give Bavaria beer, a Dutch brewery, a great exposure unfortunately at the expense of 36 individuals. The world reported it, a huge buzz in social medias, and there you go for free publicity.

The point of this article is not to say whether it was good thinking or not, but merely to find out what Bavaria beer did after this ambush marketing. It’s one thing to do an ambush marketing stunt, but it’s another to maximise it. So there you go:

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner featured at his mansion with……hot girls (what else) partying and drinking a Bavaria beer. Cool, fun, consistent with the “hot girls” idea. Very interesting follow up and maximisation on an ambush marketing stunt.

Bavaria strengthens its position as being the cool Dutch Brewery. A positioning that is definitly helped by this advert!

Karl Lusbec


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