Coerver Coaching: The Worldwide Teaching Football Method

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Have you ever asked the following question: “Can football be taught?” Well yes and no. Obviously talent is a strong element to consider, but can football techniques be taught and assimilated from a very early age? Coerver Coaching, a global football skills teaching method allows the development of skilled, confident, creative players based on technical foundation.

I have had the chance to work with Coerver Coaching during my time at adidas HQ. Alfred Galustian the Co-Founder and International Director of Coerver Coaching and Global Soccer Ambassador for Special Olympics. Very passionate and knowledgeable on football coaching techniques, I want to share with you his views on kids coaching.

Alfred is widely regarded as one of the World’s Top Skills Coaches. Over the past 31 years has worked as a Technical Coaches Instructor at: The French, Brazilian, English, Japanese, Australian Football Federations and Top Clubs including Bayern Munich, Newcastle United, Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke (The Chelsea Legend) developed the Coerver Coaching Programme, after being inspired by Wiel Coerver’s philosophy in the early 80”s.

Charlie Cooke and Alfred Galustian

Alfred is currently Technical Skills Advisor to the Premier League. Here are his views:

“As far as I know, there is no evidence at all of anyone being born with the skills that we associate with top-level sport. I believe these are painstakingly built up over a period of time and if we understand that, then we will be far more inclined to work hard and practice. Good coaching makes sure that players practice in the most efficient way; and in my opinion especially in the formative years 7 to 12 the Foundation should be Ball Mastery, if this done, then there is a chance to emulate great teams such as Spain”

I believe we limit our own development if we think talent alone is sufficient to create super stars like Lionel Messi: of course he is very special; but the question is how did he get there. I also certainly believe while coaches cannot create such a genius, they can teach the same qualities that Messi displays; strong 1 v 1, lethal finishing, to players of most abilities.

I don’t think there are genes in Messi that makes him play as well as he does- I believe it is down to his motivation, drive, discipline and the way he was taught to play football.”

“I believe that the foundation of all training should be of a technical nature – especially between the ages of seven and 11. The basis of the Coerver programme is that talented players can achieve whatever they want to achieve and it’s a way of teaching technical excellence. Spain has shown recently that physical size doesn’t matter and that it’s a technical game.”

“People who get to the top in any profession do so because of the amount of hard work they put in, and we’re trying to create the kind of environment where people can progressively improve.”

Coerver Coaching endorsements

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2 thoughts on “Coerver Coaching: The Worldwide Teaching Football Method

  1. Absolutely agree. I run a soccer academy in the US ( and focus on individual ball skills. It is shocking how 14, 15, 16 year olds can’t execute basic moves like Cruyff Turns, etc. So now I am focusing on Coerver-type movements with my kids, but specifically with my 5-10 years olds, so that we can begin building in a great foundation. These are overlooked because the drills are often seen as boring or repetitive, but in actual fact are hugely crucial so that the players can progress to the next level. Great article, thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for your insights Adam!
      I worked with Alfred on a project in Milan in 2001. Hundreds of kids attended, and they were delighted with what they were learning.
      Coaches that were present at the clinic also learned a lot!
      Welcome to the Football Lounge!


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