Nike Seitiro: The Nike Matchball for The Premier League, La Liga and Serie A

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Nike is the official matchball supplier of 3 major european leagues. The Barclays Premier League, La Liga BBVA and Serie A Tim. For the 2011-2012 season, Nike released the Seitiro matchballs following the resounding success of the T90 Tracer. Let’s take a look.

Nike is strongly focusing on the official matchball as an icon. Supplying 3 major european leagues with football, the Beaverton firm consolidates its marketing penetration in europe. With a very different design, Nike again sends a new trend in football.

English Premier League



“Exotic” design with of course a powerful performance component, the Seitiro will hit the football grounds during Copa America on 1st July. Indeed, the Nike Seitiro encapsulates Nike RaDar technology among the following features:

1. Micro-textured hand-stitched TPU casing for great touch and durability

2. Nike RaDaR technology performance graphic for a strong visual signal

3. A 360 degree sweet spot distributes pressure evenly across panels

4. Optimal sphericity allows the ball to fly faster, farther and more accurately than other balls

5. Flexible, cross-linked Nitrogen-expanded foam for shape retention and durability

6. Six-wing carbon-latex bladder for explosive acceleration off of the foot

7. Designed to FIFA’s approved specifications, weighing between 420-445 grams, and with a circumference of between 68.5-69.5 centimeters [Source:]

La Liga BBVA



The Nike Seitiro will also be used by Nike Federations such as Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland,USA etc…

A matchball is a powerful icon. Nike’s main competitor adidas supplies football to FIFA and UEFA events (World Cup, Champions League, Europa League etc…), and Puma is the official matchball supplier of the German Bundesliga. Manufacturers understand the marketing potential of matchballs for football leagues or football events.


Serie A TIM


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