Under Armour U.S. Athletes at Women’s World Cup: A Strong Marketing Platform

Hi everyone,
I often talk about the 3 major football brands adidas, Nike and Puma. I have also outlined the growing presence of Under Armour in european football. The Women’s World Cup offers a fantastic platform for the Baltimore brand to increase its brand visibility at a global event.

Signing Tottenham Hotspur from season 2012 onwards was a major move from Under Armour in European football. With the Women’s World Cup in Germany, the US women team is getting a lot of attention.

Under Armour players, especially Lauren Cheney and Heather Mitts hit the headlines. Under Armour launched virals featuring both players with values that are essentials to the brand: Hard work, Committment, Strive to be the best, Performance, team spirit…

The Women’s World Cup in Germany moves to the next level, and Under Armour is not missing the opportunity to feature its brand, marketing message and products.
Peer Schneider (Under Armour Territory Representative Germany) outlines the fact that Under Armour consolidates its presence in one of the most important European football market, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup is a fantastic platform to showcase performance driven products especially boots and base layers.

The virals were directed by Nathan Caswell, featuring Lauren Cheney and Heather Mitts of Team USA. They are some of the 20 films that are showcasing US female athletes sharing their experiences as hard working players. Very inspiring!

Karl Lusbec