Women’s World Cup Hit Global Medias Appraisal

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On Friday July 8th, SPORT & MARKT tweeted: Today’s figure: 1,005,990 – is the number of registered active female football players in Germany. #WWC. The Women’s World Cup in Germany is receiveing a fantastic appraisal from not only the fans, but also from global medias.

Indeed, the Women’s World Cup hit the highest ever television ratings for the women’s game.

Germany Women’s 1-0 quarter final defeat to Japan Women in the FIFA Women’s World Cup drew a record audience in the home country for a women’s football match of 16.95 million people, a 59.3% share, on public-service channel ZDF.

Germany’s four games in the tournament drew the top four audiences ever in the country for women’s football matches.

The France-England quarter-final also drew a far higher audience in Germany than in either of the two competing countries. ZDF had an audience of 6.88 million, a 37.1% share.

The match gave the Balloré-owned French free-to-air channel Direct 8 its highest ever audience for a women’s football match, with an average of 1.04 million viewers, a 7.95% share, with the audience peaking at 2.54 million during the penalty shoot-out, which France won 4-3.

In the UK, the match was watched on BBC2 by an average of 1.8 million viewers, a 2.9%, with audiences peaking at 2.8 million.

The BBC moved the match from its digital red-button service to BBC2 after protests from members of parliament that the public-service broadcaster was not giving adequate exposure to women’s football.

The total audiences will be higher once ratings on pan-European broadcaster Eurosport are available. [Source: I Sport Connect]

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