Wayne Rooney, The Most Popular Name for Replica Sales

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Jersey sales are obviously strongly scrutinised by football manufacturers. Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid trust the jersey sales podium. Which is the best “jersey sellable” player though?

BBC released a report outlining that Wayne Rooney’s surname was the most popular to appear on replica football shirts during the 2010/11 season.

The Manchester United striker overtook Fernando Torres, whose name had topped the list during the previous two seasons. The Premier League Review, based on worldwide kit sales, announced Liverpool forward Luis Suarez as the newest addition to the yearly top 10.

Dropping off the list were Michael Owen and Manchester City star Carlos Tevez. Rooney’s Manchester United striking partner Javier Hernandez also entered the top 10.

His nickname “Chicharito” appeared fourth on the table, the highest debut on the list since it was introduced in 1993.

Rooney, Torres and Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard have been the only constants in the table over the past four seasons.

Top 10 Premier League shirt sales 10/11

  1. Wayne Rooney (ANG, Manchester United)
  2. Fernando Torres (ESP, Liverpool/Chelsea)
  3. Steven Gerrard (ANG, Liverpool)
  4. Javier Hernandez (MEX, Manchester United)
  5. Robin Van Persie (HOL, Arsenal)
  6. Frank Lampard (ANG, Chelsea)
  7. Didier Drogba (CIV, Chelsea)
  8. Luis Suarez (URU, Liverpool)
  9. Andrei Arshavin (RUS, Arsenal)
  10. Ryan Giggs (GAL, Manchester United)

[Source: BBC]

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