UEFA Unveils Financial Bonuses

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Teams participating in the Champions League this season will receive between $10 million and $50 million in revenue redistribution alone. UEFA said Tuesday on its website.

“Each of the 32 clubs involved in the group stage will receive a participation bonus of $6.16 million. In addition, they will be entitled to a match bonus of $871,000 per match played in the group stage. Performance bonuses will also see $1.27 million paid for every win and $633,000 for every draw in the group stage.”

Sides in the round of 16 pick up an extra $4.7 million, quarter-finalists an extra $5.2 million and semifinalists an extra $6.6 million with the winners pocketing a $14 million bonus and the runners-up an $8.8 million bonus.

More than $500 million in TV revenue will also be redistributed to the clubs according to the proportional value of each market represented by the Champions League contenders. [Source: I Sport Connect]

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