2011-2012 Champions League Jersey Sponsors: Do Clubs Miss out on Sponsorship Opportunities?

Hi guys,
The most appealing (and lucrative) football clubs competition is a platform sponsors look at carefully to communicate and reach out to fans. But how many clubs feature the same sponsor for the domestic league and Champions League? A SPORT + MARKT survey gives you the answer.


Interesting isn’t it? Only Olympique Lyonnais and the Cyrus club of Apoel FC wear different shirt sponsor during european competitions. The Champions League is the most lucrative clubs competition with the 2011 final being the richest sport final ever, one can wonder why football clubs do not look into additional revenue streams with new Champions League shirt sponsor. How does the sponsor situation translates in domestic competition vs Champions League?

In essence, clubs miss out on shirt sponsorship opportunities for European Competitions. At the same time, we could point out that sponsors do partner with clubs to be featured in Champions League and the sponsorship deal justifies having one sponsor for domestic league and Champions League.

However, for some clubs (Olympique Lyonnais point out this fact), it could be worthwhile to explore different jersey sponsorship deals for domestic leagues AND Champions League. My 2 cents

Karl Lusbec