My e-mail address has been hacked!

Pissed off today. My yahoo email address has been hacked. Some dude is asking ALL my Yahoo contacts to transfer some money to him. IT IS NOT ME! Do not send money to me (yes I am serious)!

I am sorting the problem out with Yahoo. ALL my emails are gone, all my contacts are gone, ALL emails in my folders are gone! This issue MUST be solved otherwise I am pretty much screwed!

Could you help me sorting this out? Please forward this article to people you know who know me in order to inform as many people as possible. 

Keep you posted!

Thanks a lot!



One thought on “My e-mail address has been hacked!

  1. Dear friend, sorry about this unfortunate incidence. Hard times are pushing people to extreme measures. Please, ask our merciful Lord to grant you the grace to forgive the responsable party. I will say a prayer for you. Peace be with you.


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